The Come Together Foundation and Detroit Pistons are proud to support charitable organizations throughout the state of Michigan through the Pistons Payday 50/50 Raffle program. During each Pistons game at the Palace of Auburn Hills, one lucky fan will win 50% of net raffle proceeds while the remainder of net proceeds are shared by local charities and the Come Together Foundation. The Come Together Foundation is dedicated to promoting leadership in the state of Michigan through volunteerism, youth athletics, and youth entertainment.

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Pistons Payday 50/50 Raffle Rules and Information:

  • Entrants must be 18 years or older to purchase a raffle ticket.
  • Unauthorized persons copying, selling, or altering tickets are subject to prosecution.
  • Raffle prize will be paid to raffle winner by check within 30 days of the date the prize is claimed (federal tax withholding may apply).
  • The winning Pistons Payday 50/50 Raffle ticket is the only valid receipt for claiming a prize.
  • Prizes will be held and may be claimed up to 30 days after the date of the raffle.
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  • Pistons Payday 50/50 Raffle tickets will be sold during Pistons games at the Palace of Auburn Hills.
  • Raffle tickets may be purchased at the following prices: 1 for $5, 3 for $10, 20 for $20.
  • Tickets will be on sale throughout the main Palace concourse, Pistons Locker Room stores, all suite levels, and all VIP clubs.
  • One winning ticket number will be selected in the fourth quarter of each Pistons game at the Palace by random computer generated drawing. Official winner will be awarded 50% of net raffle proceeds for that date. The remaining proceeds will be shared between a select partner non-profit charity and the Come Together Foundation.
  • The winning ticket number will be announced in the fourth quarter on the Palace Vision scoreboard and posted at the Come Together booth behind section 110, and at
  • The winning ticket may be redeemed at the Come Together booth in North Pavilion behind section 120 at the Palace, or by contacting the Come Together Foundation at 248.377.8289 or at

Non-profits may become beneficiaries of Pistons 50/50 Payday by completing the online form (2014-2015 Non-Profit Partner Application Form). Organizations with 501(c)(3) non-profit status are eligible, with special consideration to those whose missions are aligned with the Come Together Foundation and the NBA Cares platform. Partner charities will deploy volunteers to sell throughout the arena using hand-held devices, helping to raise money and awareness for their cause. The Pistons will recognize the volunteer sellers as Game Changers at a future home game.

2014-15 Season Winning Numbers:

vs. Brooklyn 11/1/14 Michigan Lupus Foundation 538283002 $9,626.62 $4,842.65 Yes
vs. New York 11/5/14 Yatooma's Foundation for the Kids 522826604 $2,816.78 $1,437.73 Yes
vs. Milwaukee 11/7/14 Volunteers of America 541187203 $5,807.70 $2,933.19 Yes
vs. Utah 11/9/14 Fashion Has Heart 507836417 $3,692.62 $1,875.65 Yes
vs. Orlando 11/17/14 Defeat the Label 557546216 $3,015.50 $1,537.09 Yes
vs. Phoenix 11/19/14 Strive, INC. 594130715 $1,672.30 $865.49 Yes
vs. LA Clippers 11/26/14 Forgotten Harvest 544937801 $4,653.10 $2,355.89 Yes
vs. Milwaukee 11/28/14 Forgotten Harvest 611680606 $3,035.74 $1,547.21 Yes
vs. Golden State 11/30/14 Shiawassee Family YMCA 611680606 $2,385.30 $1,221.99 Yes
vs. LA Lakers 12/2/14 Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce 687049618 $5,242.82 $2,650.75 Yes
vs. Philadelphia 12/6/14 American Cancer Society 491057415 $4,050.50 $2,054.59 Yes
vs. Oklahoma City 12/7/14 Michigan Lupus Foundation 529246802 $2,270.30 $1,164.49 Yes
vs. Portland 12/9/14 Come Together Foundation 527382720 $1,330.00 $665.39 Yes
vs. Dallas 12/17/14 United Way 656249508 $2762.30 $1,281.15 Yes
vs. Toronto 12/19/14 Jr. League of Birmingham 643416001 $5,777.14 $2,888.57 Yes
vs. Indiana 12/26/14 Holy Cross Children’s Services 594637118 $7,111.14 $3,555.57 Yes
vs. Sacramento 1/4/2015 Whaley Children’s Services 491493712 $1,119.18 $559.59 No
vs. Atlanta 1/9/2015 Volunteers of America 575014919 $8,797.50 $4,398.75 Yes
vs. Brooklyn 1/10/2015 RIM Foundation 643454520 $5,210.42 $2,605.21 Yes
vs. New Orleans 1/14/2015 Our Special Needs 658400506 $5,997.94 $2,998,97 Yes
vs. Philadelphia 1/17/2015 The Rainbow Connection 644133810 $7,134.14 $3,567.07 Yes
vs. Orlando 1/21/2015 Downriver Steelers 578649801 $1,395.18 $697.59 Yes
vs. Cleveland 1/27/2015 Forgotten Harvest 500928112 $3,902.18 $1,951.09 Yes
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