The Hornets are committed to building a legacy in our community with vision, integrity and passion. We are focused on enriching the communities in the Gulf South Region through initiatives in Education, Health and Wellness and Environmental Responsibility. The Hornets believe in creating fun, exciting memories that will last a lifetime and will positively impact the lives of individuals in our community.

Education is an important factor in the personal and economic development of our community and plays a key role in the lives and well being of our youth and adults. The Hornets focus on initiatives that incentivize and reward our youth for academic, behavioral and leadership achievements.

Education Programs:

The Hornets are advocates of living long and healthy lives, our Health and Wellness initiatives ensure families are eating healthy and are physically fit while providing awareness and education on important health matters.

Health and Wellness Programs:

The Hornets Environmental Responsibility initiatives focus on providing awareness to factors vital to our environment and include energy efficiency, coastal wetlands and beautification.

Environmental Responsibility Programs: