Tulsa 66ers Corporate Partnerships

The Tulsa 66ers offer a number of partnership opportunities that allow for optimum return on investment, ideal branding of products and services, and an activation platform that is specific to the client's marketing objectives. The 66ers are proud to partner with some of the finest local and national companies. In addition to their premium products and services they provide, our corporate partners are among the most committed organizations to our local communities.

A marketing partnership with the Tulsa 66ers represents a unique opportunity to:

  • Build new partnerships in the community
  • Generate positive media coverage in "Green Country"
  • Enhance brand presence within the market
  • Market products and services to thousands of fans
  • Do business with a Champion!

    A marketing partnership with the Tulsa 66ers can deliver:

  • Audience of educated, active and brand loyal fans
  • A fun, safe and interactive marketing platform
  • Inspirational and accessible players
  • Strong and positive results!